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We help hospitals, clinics and health providers all over the world to build their own unique healthcare mobile application to make the process of collecting patient data, medical records, engage with the community easier

We present to you maximum flexibility and ease-of-use Web Apps with high performance.

A full creation service to Cross Platform App Development that can be deployed or published on multiple platforms using a single codebase

Stay efficient in the wake of the pandemic and redefine the approach to diagnosing, treating, and communicating with patients by adopting artificial intelligence healthcare solutions

Develop your idea, create a prototype and deploy it on practically all major platforms with our team of developers

We, as a full of ideas team, know how challenging it is to build a healthcare product.

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Our experience in Full-cycle

Dental Care



Mobile App


Smart AI supported service for dental check-ups from home.


The main challenges to the dentistry world are high costs, dental anxiety, availability and getting the oral care you need during the pandemic.


Our solution was to create a smart and safe way to easily do dental check-ups and ask questions to a professional from anywhere at any time and help to improve the dental health by an optimal prophylaxis.


A 24/7 Digital dental care platform that allows you to do convenient dental check-ups from home.

How our development team

Software Specification

This phase is dedicated to identifying the problem that arises in a business or industry that needs to be addressed. And after gathering information needed to plan a solution, and a review of all of the available data, we advise with the available software options.


A detailed smart study to see if the idea is viable. The goal of this phase is to Analyze the idea from a business executive perspective.


The phase of designing the software including how it looks, how it functions, and how it will be built so the development team can work on it.


The software is assembled during this stage. This includes various processes such as coding, infrastructure setup, and documenting how the system works..


All software is rigorously tested before being released. Our team uses various tools to rapidly test scenarios so that they can find all possible problems in the software before launching.


The final phase of this software product’s lifecycle, with the support of our team of designers and developers the product is launched.

How our project management
process works

Project Analysis and Offer

This is the stage where the project’s value and aspects are determined, a clear view of the project’s goals, timeline and costs.

Milestone Definition

A solid project plan to guide the team, adhere to the project timeline and budget. The project plan gives the team direction for producing quality outputs, handling risk and identifying clear milestones.

Agile Sprints

This stage where sprints plan and goals are set to help the team decide which items in the backlog to work on during the sprint.

Project Launch

The stage of implementing all the previous stages, tasks distribution between team members, carrying out the objectives, meeting with stakeholders on a regular basis, and updating project schedule take place at this phase.

After Sales Support

Everything literally starts when product is ready to go! We are always here not only finish the process but also make the better the best during the time!

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